Below are some of the 2018 Summit's workshop taking place on Saturday July 28. More workshops and details coming soon! To register for Saturday's workshops, go to our registration page.

Organic Vegetable gardening 101

Are you committed to starting your own organic garden this fall? Or advancing your knowledge of how you can have more success and fun growing your own food in Florida’s challenging climate? In this comprehensive introduction and overview, FOG staff will lead you on a guided tour of all aspects of successful organic gardening: garden design, seeds & transplants, healthy soil & backyard composting, developing an irrigation and fertilizing plan, pest management tips, and what do about those pesky weeds.  Each participant will be provided with a memory stick packed with resources for the aspiring organic gardener. 


Farm Succession Planning

Join Carolyn Van Meter, a certified International Farm Transition Network Coordinator, to learn about the process of farm succession planning including discussion about identifying a successor, transferring management responsibilities, and structuring estate plans.


Management of Cucurbit Insect Pests Using Organic Tactics 

Join Dr. Oscar Liburd to learn about common cucurbit pests and preventative strategies that can be adopted to prevent build up of pest populations. Learn to identify common biological control agents that are found in the field that help with natural biological control and learn other strategies for controlling cucurbit pests.


Alternative Currencies

Accepting alternative forms of currency such as the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits can bring a new and dedicated customer base to your farm or market. Direct-marketing farmers and farmers markets are in a unique position to offer affordable, locally-produced food to rural and low-income families, and this workshop will provide all the information you need for becoming SNAP-authorized, participating in incentive programs such as Fresh Access Bucks, and becoming approved to accept FMNP vouchers, as well as examples from the field.


Alternative Crop Pollinators: identification, biology, and conservation 

Participants will learn about wild pollinators for fruit and vegetable crops, how to identify them, and how to protect or enhance their populations. This workshop will also cover alternative managed pollinators for crops, such as bumble bees, and the pollination requirements for different fruits and vegetables. 


Power to the People!  

An informed and engaged citizenry is fundamental to achieving an agricultural system that rewards supports sustainable growers and family farmers, links more children and low-income communities with healthy, locally-grown/produced foods, and supports innovative, public research in the organic research arena.  Come hear from seasoned food policy experts on how our food futures are being shaped by government policy at the local, state and federal levels—and we can all better tap into our inner food activist.


Bioinsecticide Rotations, Premixes, and tank-mixes for insect pest management in vegetable crops

This workshop will focus on the appropriate use of biousecticides (botanical and microbial) as stand-alone or as tank mixes or as premixes for maximizing crop protection. Major insect pests of night shade and brassica crops will be discussed.


Incorporating permaculture practices on a production farm

Learn how to use permaculture gardens to help with season extension, integrate trees and hedgerows into your farm, transform unproductive spaces, create perrenial beds that function in the Florida climate, best practices, and best tools for incorporating permaculture practices on your farm!

Opportunities in Florida Hemp

Join Jacksonville Beach attorney Carrie McClain to learn about the myriad of opportunities for growing hemp in Florida and about its current legislation.


Interpreting Results from your soil test

You've got your soil test back, now what? Join Mark Kopecky to learn about interpreting your soil test and using the information effectively to improve crop production. 



More info on the following topics being covered coming soon:

Raising pastured poultry

Soil Health


Business planning 

Food recovery

Flower production