Early Afternoon Sessions 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Climate change & Farm Resilience

Breakout Room: Dogwood

Today organic farmers have many challenges including a changing climate. This talk will provide updates from science on what is known and not yet known about impacts on growing conditions in Florida.  The intent is to highlight the resources available from the science of Agroecology and FL farms that are available now to organic farmers to enhance resiliency to your farming practices to provide solutions to these impacts

Lead by Lynn Steward & Dr. Robert Kluson

5 Steps to a food Justice farm

Breakout Room: Live Oak

Join the movement of family-scale farms who are following Food Justice guidelines and demonstrate to your customers and workers that you follow best practices when it comes to running a fair and safe business. Elizabeth Henderson and members of the Farmworker Association of Florida will discuss the historical roots of exploitation of and current conditions for farmworkers in conventional agricultural production,  and then  guide you through the steps to creating a farm based on quality health and justice standards, including -  employment policies, safety planning, conflict resolution, wage structure and pricing that are the foundation of food justice, and lastly incorporating ideas from a local agroecology project.

Lead by Elizabeth Henderson, Jeannie Economos, & Pia Desangles

Developing your organic marketing plan

Breakout Room: Hickory


Managing Pests Organically 

Breakout Room: Azalea


Farmer-to-Farmer: Wisdom from the field

Breakout Room: Hawthorne

Join Kevin Althearn, Regional Specialized Agent in Rural and Agribusiness Development with IFAS, to learn about the nine steps involved with developing a marketing plan, as well as strategies and resources for small farm marketing. Farmer Jenny Franklin of High Springs Orchard will share her experiences in creating a profitable, diversified farm. 

Lead by Kevin Athearn & Jenny Franklin

Entomology professor Dr. Oscar Liburd has over 20 years of experience carrying out organic agricultural research and integrated pest management at the University of Florida and will be carrying out this workshop on managing pests organically on your farm. Jordan Brown will be joining Dr. Liburd to share his experiences dealing hands-on with pests on his North Central Florida, 25-acre, certified organic farm. Bring all of your questions on organic pest management!

Lead by Dr. Oscar Liburd & Jordan Brown

Join the discussion as a panel of new and experienced Florida farmers exchange experiences and questions about starting a farm business and making it last. 

Lead by Derek Sindler, Rosie Koenig & Tommy Simmons