Early Morning Sessions 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Citrus Greening

Breakout Room: Dogwood

Learn from citrus greening experts from the University of Florida and Uncle Matt’s Organic about the current state of the citrus greening, or Huanglongbing (HLB), disease in Florida, the importance of the citrus industry to the state and nation, and the latest research efforts to recover production. This panel will discuss the developments of promising new rootstock varieties, organic management practices, and ongoing education and extension efforts.  Dr. Ute Albrecht (pictured here) is an Assistant Professor of Plant Physiology at the UF Southwest Florida Research & Education Center in Immokalee, FL. Dr. Tripti Vashisth is an Assistant Professor of Horticultural Sciences and a Citrus Extension Specialist at the UF Citrus Research and Education Center Lake Alfred, FL. Mr. Ben McLean III is the Vice President of Uncle Matt’s Organic, the nation’s oldest organic orange juice company. Please come prepared with any questions you may have regarding citrus production in Florida for our panel of experts!

Lead by Dr. Tripti Vashisth, Dr. Ute Albrecht & Ben McLean

On-Farm Food Safety 

Breakout Room: Live Oak

How do you prevent contamination as fresh produce moves through your production, handling, and distribution system of your farm? What are some potential food safety hazards that can occur on farm or orchard and what steps can you take to prevent contamination with harmful microbes? During this workshop, learn about food safety on your farm and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) from representatives from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Learn what affects FSMA might have on your farm business and how manure and soil amendments fit into food safety.  Learn about the tools and resources available to producers to ensure your farm operation is compliant with FSMA regulations and ask your questions directly to those that have the answers.

Lead by Mary Tijerina, Trevor Gilbert, & David Ingram

Starting a CSA & Taking it to the 22nd Century        

Breakout Room: Hickory



Metamorphosis: composting Organically  

Breakout Room: Azalea



Breakout Room: Hawthorne

Elizabeth Henderson, one of the first CSA farmers in the US and author of Sharing the Harvest, will talk about the meaning of CSA and provide a broad overview of how CSAs are doing these days and what keeps them going.  Noah Kai Shitama will talk about how he has approached creating a successful CSA in Gainesville, Florida.  Please bring your questions about starting a CSA, or if you have one underway already, problems you would like some help resolving.  

Lead by Elizabeth Henderson & Noah Shitama


Learn about the process of composting organically, methods for creating compost, types of farm-scale equipment used, managing a compost system, the beneficial uses of compost,  application methods, and much more from experienced organic farmer and self-professed ‘composting missionary’, Herman Holley of Turkey Hill Farm as well as Sundiata Ameh-El founder of Compost Community in Tallahassee!

Lead by Herman Holley & Sundiata Ameh-El

Join Dr. Silva of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to learn about tracking your farm's cost of production in order to increase profitability. Dr. Silva will be talking specifically about the Veggie Compass tool, a whole farm profit management tool designed to help growers improve on-farm decision making and financial farm planning in order to maximize profitability and ensure the continuation of sustainable farms.

Lead by Dr. Erin Silva