Farm Tours will take place Friday July 27 and cost $10 each. To sign up for farm tours, go to our registration page. 


Lola Farms

Lola Farms is a small farm located in Lake Butler, Florida.  The operation consists of heritage breed livestock: pigs, dairy goats and chickens.  Their main focus is the preservation of the Gloucestershire Old Spot breed and producing pasture raised pork.  They have a small herd of Oberhasli dairy goats and a flock of laying hens.  Their vegetable and flower gardens are growing each year.

High Springs Orchard & Bakery 

In 1996, Jenny Franklin bought a 28 acre farm and started with a few persimmon trees. After a decade, it has turned into hundreds of persimmon, chestnut and Asian pear trees. They also have an assorted variety of Muscadine grape vines.


Cypress & Grove

One of the newest craft breweries in Alachua County opened in 2017, Cypress & Grove is housed in the Gainesville building that was once the home of the Gainesville Ice Factory. Built from a rich history, Cypress & Grove draws from a 400 foot artesian well which pulls water directly from the Floridan Aquifer. They offer an array of craft beers on tap at a beautiful space in downtown Gainesville. Come learn about craft beer making and maybe give their brews a try!

Island Grove Wine Company

Island Grove Wine Company specializes in fine blueberry wines using the freshest blueberries from their own Florida farms. Their blueberry wines are made from 100% blueberries.