Below outlines long-form sessions on Friday July 27 at the Hilton UF Conference Center in Gainesville. Click the images to register!

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PSA Food safety  Training


Join staff from QCS, an accredited food safety and organic certification agency, for a full-day food safety workshop. The Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course features standardized curriculum that will provide a foundation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and co-management information, FSMA Produce Safety Rule requirements, and details on how to develop a farm food safety plan. The PSA Grower Training Course is one way to satisfy the FSMA Produce Safety Rule requirement outlined in § 112.22(c) that requires ‘At least one supervisor or responsible party for your farm must have successfully completed food safety training at least equivalent to that received under standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by the Food and Drug Administration.’

Participants will be eligible to receive a certificate from the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) that verifies they have completed the training course.

Individuals who participate in this course are expected to gain a basic understanding of:

- Microorganisms relevant to produce safety and where they may be found on the farm
- How to identify microbial risks, practices that reduce risks, and how to begin implementing produce safety practices on the farm
- Parts of a farm food safety plan and how to begin writing one
- Requirements in the FSMA Produce Safety Rule and how to meet them.

Includes lunch, course materials, and certificate

Financial Literacy for Growers

9am - 12pm

Sharpen your pencil and fire up your calculator! In this ‘hands-on’ workshop we will be creating a complete set of company financial reports including a Profit and Loss Statement, a Balance Sheet and a Cash Flow Statement. In addition we will prepare a Start-up Sources and Uses table and a Break-even Analysis for the fictional business we are starting. The creation of these documents will help the business owner understand the make-up, function and use of company financial statements. Includes lunch. 


1pm - 5pm

Join Robert Page & Kevin Burkett of  Alabama Extension’s Farm & Agribusiness Management team to learn record keeping for your farm or business on QuickBooks. This course is for growers of all types.

Learn best practices for on-farm record keeping, from keeping track of records for tax purposes, sales,  crop rotation, yields, and more. Includes lunch.

Connecting food, justice & Organic

Florida feeds the nation and the world, producing roughly $8 billion in agricultural products every year. Despite this abundance, farmworkers are underpaid & poorly treated, more than 3 million Floridians are food insecure, and ecological devastation persists. While the problems associated with our food system affect nearly every one of us somewhat, they affect many of us more severely. To build a stronger more unified food movement, we must acknowledge the significance of injustice in our food system, and join to address the problems of our food system together. Join the Farmworkers Association of Florida, Agricultural Justice Project, and others committed to growing a healthier, sustainable, and fair Florida food system for an open dialogue