Organic rose & Cut Flower production

Pamela will give her own philosophy about the methods by which she finds
it very easy to grow roses. She brings a fresh perspective to the table
concerning why so many feel they are difficult to grow, busting many popular
myths. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and her deep love for Mother Nature’s Divine Intelligence shines through her practical solutions to common problems. Her insights easily apply to growing vegetables and other plants.

Pamela is dedicated to promoting and spreading the Good News for the best
organic methods for growing healthy vibrant roses, as well as other plants while protecting ourselves and our environment from toxic chemicals and synthetic


Pamela Greenewald is owner of Angel Gardens, a mail order rose nursery which grows over 2000 varieties of roses on their Own Roots in Alachua, Florida. It is one of only 4 commercial rose nurseries in the entire world that grows roses organically. As a passionate collector of all classes of rose, Pamela specializes in the antique, old and rare varieties that are in danger of disappearing.

Pamela is Executive Director of Rose Garden Angels,  a non-profit which works with Veterans suffering from PTSD, using horticulture therapy by growing roses for The Old Garden Rose Co., a wholesale wing of AngelGardens. She is an active Board member of the Heritage Roses Group and a partner member of the Heritage Rose Foundation. She is also the Good Earth Chairwoman for the American Rose Society writing many articles on growing
roses organically.